Elizabeth Morgan Interiors was established in 2021 by Elizabeth Lee-Melville. Elizabeth was born and raised in Aspen, attended Aspen Public Schools, and graduated from the University of Denver with a degree in Finance and Marketing. Following a brief career in Finance, Elizabeth left the industry to pursue an education in Interior Design. In 2019 she attained an Interior Design Master Certification program with the Heritage School of Interior Design in Denver. Upon her graduation she accepted a job in Washington, D.C. at design firm Elizabeth Kannan Interior Design. Working alongside the Principal, Beth Kannan, Elizabeth honed her eye for interiors, technical skills, and knowledge of the design process. 
Today, Elizabeth is based in the mountains of Colorado. Her network of vendors and proximity to the Denver Design District allow her to bring the best resources to her clients.
The design process at Elizabeth Morgan Interiors is tailored to the unique needs of your project
comprehensive project
From new-builds to homes requiring a refresh, EMI applies a multi-step process to the design of your home to deliver beautiful interiors to fit your lifestyle. 
Preliminary Planning - During the initial phase of your project we work together to define your vision and objectives, schedule, and budget to guide us throughout the execution of the project. 
Schematic Design - Establishing the overall aesthetic and conceptual imagery for your home will lead us into creating interior plans, space planning, and renderings. Here we start to see the magic come to life! 
Design Development - We will refine the interior plans until we settle on the most fitting combination of selections. Depending on the project scope, this may include furniture, fabrics, finishes, artwork, lighting, and more. 
Procurement - Once all selections have been finalized we will create an ordering schedule, submit orders, and monitor the receipt of all pieces until installation. 
Installation - The most exiting phase of all! We will arrange and oversee the installation of each piece as we complete the design of your home. 
Some variations to this process may come depending on involvement of an architect and builder. When it comes to new-builds and major renovations we recommend completing this process in defined phases, but for simpler refresh projects there is more flexibility when it comes to completing the project in parts. Priced hourly.
consultation project
If you aren’t ready to commit to the comprehensive project format and need some guidance in curating your home, the consultation project is a great fit for you. 
Schematic Design - It can be difficult to define and understand exactly what you are looking for in the aesthetic of your home. EMI will guide you through conceptual imagery to help you identify the style you desire. 
Design Development - Once your style  is established, we will source pieces from public vendors to fit your needs. Renderings will be made to provide a visual reference as to what you can expect of the space. Two rounds of revisions are included. 
Procurement Guide - Upon finalizing the selections, EMI will provide you with an ordering specification guide for you to submit orders. 
This modified offering is designed to provide you with professional direction for you to run with! Flat rate fee per room.
If you're ready to create an uplifting home to fit your lifestyle, let's connect.
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